Blackslash (DE)


The 80s are gone, but the desire remains! Longing for a time, that these guys were too young to enjoy, themselves. Longing for midriff denim jackets, white sneakers and a lifestyle that makes everything else secondary to the uncompromising music, above all, the comfort of a too-tight jeans.

Here lie the roots of Black Slash, founded in 2007, a heavy metal band from Donaueschingen, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany. Never with the intent to define the world of music genres again, the five musicians Clemens Haas late (vocals), Christian Haas (guitar), Daniel Hölderle (guitar), David Hofmeier (drums) and band founder Alec Trojan (bass) slide to the NewWaveOf BristishHeavyMetal but also have a close musical relationship with the US Metal of the 80s. Black Slash plays with influences from bands like Thin Lizzy, Iron Maiden and Vicious Rumours. Between the modesty of the English 'working class' and the bombast of the American show giants.

Traditional heavy metal is celebrated in its original form and with all its clichés; wrapped in a show between authenticity and staging. Concerts are an experience which contain, in addition to the musical performance, visual highlights with the Glam Factor of the hair metal scene.

Black Slash has played more than 100 live shows in Germany and the Netherlands. As support from renowned bands like Kissin 'Dynamite, Victory and Skull Fist, they can look forward to a growing fan base and a rising popularity even outside their home country. With the release of the current album Sinister Lightning the newcomers underline their position as "the hope of the German metal scene '!


More info :  http://www.blackslash-band.de

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