Vardis (UK)



 Vardis were forged out of Glam, Punk, Heavy Metal, Blues and Rock 'n' Roll in the crucible of 1970's northern England. Exploding into the 1980's as NWoBHM crusaders, the hard, ferocious attack of their sound directly influenced the development of thrash and speed metal across North America and Europe. Never losing sight of the melodic, boogie sensibilities of their earliest influences, the Vardis brand of Hard Rock has retained a unique heavy groove, and endured as truly original.

Influenced by : T. Rex, Cream, Hendrix, Taste, Faces (Small & The), ZZ Top, Jeff Beck, The Kinks, Queen, Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Elvis, Champion Jack Dupree, Robert Johnson

More info :  http://www.vardisrocks.com/

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