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Alan Marsh re-unites with Tokyo Blade

Andy Wrighton (bass) and Alan Marsh laughing it up at the Keep it True festival

June 21st 2016

Alan Marsh joins Tokyo Blade on stage after 35 years?

For those Tokyo Blade Fans lucky enough to have been at the latest Keep it true festival in Germany, witnessed Alan Marsh join the 4 original members and sing the classic Blade songs that he co-wrote with founder member Andy Boulton over a quarter of a century ago. The band have decided to play ALL upcoming European shows with Alan handling the vocals. Andy Boulton said "It's excellent having Al with us again, it's like having the WHOLE family together" "We have just returned from the South American tour with Chris Gillen on vocals which was awesome, Chris is the ultimate professional and is very happy to handle vocals on his side of the Atlantic, Likewise Al is happy doing the European shows! And us? well we're over the fucking moon to b working with such monsters of vocal talent and such dear friends"

The boys are looking forward to the summer festivals and seeing all their fans again. See the updated tour dates page to discover when the band are coming your way.

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